Most of the images in the Greek galleries are available framed in three sizes. Check the drop down menu of the image you are interested in  to confirm size availability. The image sizes used are the same as the sizes for the unframed giclees. Also listed under the framed samples are the glass size and the outer size of the finished piece. At this time please contact us to order. 

                    (small)        image 12" x 17"   in 2" gold brushed frame.         glass 18" x 23"            outer size   22" x 27" *
                   (medium)   image 14" x 19"   in 3 1/2" gold ornate frame.     glass 21" x 26"             outer size   28" x 33" *
                   (large)         image 20" x 29"   in 3" gold rope frame.              glass 28" x 37"             outer size   34" x 43" * 
                                    * All the sizes are approximate

                To order  contact us by email:      or phone:  919 848 1719